Beautiful Venice!

Beautiful Venice!

When you mention Venice, you can think about the gondola laps along its beautiful canals, couples celebrating their love by coming on vacation, or just people taking photos on the fascinating bridges of this city.

Anna had moved to Venezia for work, she was an architect. Even though she had traveled many places around the world, this place was a treat for her soul.

Despite the fascination of this place, she often spent the day working and could only come out in the evening.

One beautiful summer evening, along with her friends and some colleagues who had spoken in email, decided to meet to celebrate the accomplishment of one of the projects they had worked on.

They agreed to meet at Piazza San Marco. She met Claudio, one of the colleagues. Of all the people there, the only one with whom she felt a connection was him. Work, love for architecture, passion for beauty and classics, were the things that made them fall in love with each other.  Claudio, as a detailed man and very attentive to the things that made Anna happy, thought he would make a gift. "What’s better than a gift that symbolizes the beginning of our love." He thought.

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