Love story in Fontana di Trevi

Love story in Fontana di Trevi

Life is full of luck, like getting a good hand of cards, or just being in the right place at the right time.

She lived in Rome, a populated city, but so amazing to fall in love with every day.

Mia lived nearby at Trevi's Fountain and saw people throwing coins into the waterfall all the time and thinking: "They have nothing to lose"

One night she was thinking of giving it a try.

She passed close to the waterfall and instinctively pulled out a coin from her wallet, closed her eyes and turned her back to the waterfall. She throws the coin but accidentally Mia throws her watch too.

Enea saw that and he went in quickly to get the watch. He approached her and handed the watch. "You have to throw only coins in there." They both laugh.

T This moment was the beginning of a beautiful love story between these two.



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"This is the perfect gift for our anniversary," she thought as she chose the Fontana di Trevi watch.

When she returned to her love, the night of their anniversary, she gave him the watch and said. "

"You shouldn't throw only coins into the waterfall", and they both laugh ...


Well, you have nothing to lose if you give it a try :)