Philosophy behind the brand!

Philosophy behind the brand!
Even in the 21st century, Italian fashion manufacturing continues to be revered as some of the highest quality in the world, with countless family-owned businesses producing.
For decades, Italian masters have transformed the ordinary in to the extraordinary, and Enzo Attini aims to do no less. Put simply, fashion runs through the Italian blood, in our blood.
Italian brands are all about luxurious silks, absolute authority on the very best materials.
With this ambitious project, Enzo Attini has combined the history of Italian Fashion Arts with a noticeable inspiration from cultural heritage in Italy, together with the experience of Swiss watchmaking.
Though it’s true that there’s a thread of glamour running through almost all Italian brands, Enzo Attini is one label that really carries a particular level of flair.
Cementing a strange connection between high-fashion Italian brands and street-level culture, Enzo Attini has found an enduring essence of authenticity from the beginning.
Attini started rooting his design vision of accessories in everyday people and the style of the streets trying to make them look beyond beautiful.
Enzo Attini is establishing itself firmly in the new generation of Italian brands, with a very unique style by embracing Italian culture and value in a new way.
Attini founded his label after being inspired by the Italian cultural heritage and his mission is to bring a piece of Italy in your hand.
Italy is the first place in the world with most cultural heritage and the DNA of Atini product reflects thais iconic culture in very professional way.
For our Watches we have constructed a nearly perfect product. We have put together the very best of Italian design and Italian leather with the Swiss Movement from Ronda and Sellita.
In the back part of the watches Attini captures the essence of some of the most iconic Cultural destinations of Italy by featuring a special engraving of the roots of inspiration beyond every watch. With this line of artistic product and accessories we give to our costumer THE BEST OF ITALY.
The Attini Sunglasses have a lot of fashion details, they are a perfect combination of the most iconic classic design intertwined with the works of Attini Italian designers.
With the Braclets, we started from the basics, the first collection has a simple design that stays very connected with the Enzo Attini watch.
The Enzo Attini logo is a seal of quality in itself – there simply isn’t such thing as a poor quality Enzo Attini garment.
Attini uses premium materials to make uniquely visually arresting accessories.
-Enzo Attini is brash, audacious and glamorous with a classic spirit unfettered and timeless.

Enzo Attini

Take a Pice of Italy with you!