The reason why sunglasses are a must in your life!

The reason why sunglasses are a must in your life!

"Look! He’s wearing sunglasses in the freezing cold. ” -One day I heard two young boys insulting a middle-aged man while he was crossing the street. Anyone can make such a comment even I, if I had not the right information. The eyes are a very delicate part of the human body, and therefore they need extra care. We all know that sunrays are very dangerous to our eyes, and that’s we wear them only during summer, but this routine is not entirely the right one.

Did you know that snow reflects more than 80% of sunlight and ah it can cause a condition called snow blindness?

Sand, wind, and dust are just as dangerous, too. These factors can lead to skin cancer, the development of glaucoma and cataracts, swelling of the eyes, and at the worst case, permanent loss of vision.

No one is willing to take the risk, right?!

For this reason, the use of high-quality sunglasses is more than essential. I emphasize quality glasses, because they must have the best glass material so that they can protect you from the sunlight or other from the factors mentioned above. If they are manufactured with a very low quality, then they will not only protect you, but will irritate your skin to very dangerous degrees.

Thinking only about the health of our clients, Enzo Attini launched at the star of this New Year another innovation, which comes as a Valentine's Day gift. With the purchase of every watch, glasses come as a gift. These sunglasses are carefully designed by our brand designers and they’re not only comfortable and high-quality, but they’re also great to be combined with any outfit. They do not sweat or irritate your skin and are guaranteed to make you feel fresh.

Valentine Day is right behind the door.

Pick your gift right away!