Valentine's Day is around the corner and do you have any idea what happens?!

Valentine's Day is around the corner and do you have any idea what happens?!

Everyone buys a ticket, packs up their bags and heads to Rome only to visit “Fontana di Trevi”, and throw their coin. Those who do not have time for a trip? Well, they take care to always keep a piece of this fountain with them.

History shows that no one can resist the temptation of throwing a coin into its waters, whatever the chances against it. "Fontana di Trevi" is a Baroque-style fountain that has become famous not only because of the legend that has been circulating for years but also because of the many movies that were based on this legend. But, what exactly does it say?! For all those who are indecisive about the ritual that must be followed or the number of coins to throw, saying that it only depends on the purpose is more than enough.

  • Legend has it that you must stand with your back to the fountain and throw a coin with your right arm over your left shoulder if you want to return there someday.
  • If you want to find true love while in Rome, then you need to throw in two coins.
  • And if you want to marry an Italian, then you have to throw three coins.

Aside from the last two points that only a few people know about, the destination of these coins is something you may be wondering about. But "Fontana di Trevi" only brings good things! The fountain is closed to the public reach every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8-9 am because the city hall staff makes sure to clean it up and collect all the coins. On average about 3,000 euros are thrown into this fountain every day. But what happens to all of this money?

As you live your love story and become part of such a great dream as the “Fontana di Trevi” legend, the coin you throw there serves to fulfill the dream of another individual who may be homeless or in need. That money goes to the only word that sums up humanity the best way. Charity!

"Fontana di Trevi" is a pure symbol of romance and love, so make sure to always keep it with you.

How many coins will you throw? That’s up to you!

A dream for a dream!