What does your watch says about your personality?

What does your watch says about your personality?

“Everyone looks at your watch and it represents who you are, your values and your personal style.”-One of the best basketball players in the world, Kobe Bryant has declared.

Wearing a watch means presenting yourself as someone who appreciates time, someone punctual and way sure on his steps. Therefore, if I were to choose an object that identifies a person, it would be the hand watch.

Using a watch doesn’t just mean elegance, charm, style, and fashion, but much more. It transmits your aura. It talks about your passions, point of view, and life choices. A hand watch can tell many things about someone, without even having to investigate around them.

Are you sophisticated, elegant, Sportif, classic, minimalist, an adventurer, or looking for something exciting?

Your hand watch is speaking for you!

If you are someone who likes greatness and beauty, then the gold chainwatch in your hand reflects in silence. The moment your eyes fall over the roman numerals and the seemingly worn strap, your mind immediately connects to the characters and the movies of the ’40s. A detail-oriented and creative person is not only looking for a hand watch but of that something which makes the difference and embodies something more than just an object.

Choosing the right hand watch is always more than just buying an accessory. Choosing your hand watch means transmitting with just one look what you really are. The way we choose to present ourselves, it’s all up to us. Better said, it’s all up to your hand watch.

That’s why, picking a hand watch as a gift is not only about knowing a person on what he is, or what he’s not.

It’s way much more than that.

Here upon, why can’t a wrist watch be your gift to your loved ones this anniversary?