Why do people dress well?

Why do people dress well?

Talking about our dressing style is the same as asking why you prefer a particular food. It's just a matter of taste! While in adolescence our dressing style is more or less similar (we must admit that we all had our idols back then), the transition to being an adult is accompanied by a huge change. The need to be unique and authentic reaches its highest point and it only intensifies with time.

But why do we choose a certain dressing style?

I'm sure we can find hundreds of answers starting with the profession, the environment in which we live, age, personal preferences or the complexes that create boundaries. Yet, despite these differences, we all want to look beautiful. We all try to convey what we are through our dressing style, our voice. So far everything is fine, but in today's world, experience has shown that dressing differently makes you look weird (unless you’re a rock star).

Let's see what happens with a wrist watch. I always chose to wear one because it makes me feel better about myself and the people around me. It is a self-esteem boost and combines beautifully with any outfit I put on. I choose to wear an expensive watch because it’s a positive boost in my social performance, and it shows me as a punctual person, which is extremely important to me.

To be honest, we don't see anything wrong here!

In the meanwhile, someone else may think of it as exaggerated and unnecessary. And it's perfectly normal. Just like, I might not prefer another accessory, such as a ring. Everything is related to the character, the tastes and what we are.

While we recognize that we are different, it is very important to accept our different tastes. Because they make us special!

The wrist watch makes me feel different from the rest of the world.

We all know how nice it is feels to be different!