Why should we choose an authentic watch and not an imitation?!

Why should we choose an authentic watch and not an imitation?!

This is a simple answer, yet complex. We all want to have a good watch, obviously, but not all of us succeed in the process of choosing the right watch. Two reasons hide behind this. First of all, it’s very difficult to choose an authentic watch in a market that’s full of imitations, and secondly, we tend to go for imitation only because of the price.

When we decide to buy a good, long-lasting watch, we need to take the time and explore all of the opportunities that come our way. If the watch takes the better part of our savings, then we need to take the time and keep looking for more information about its features. Another option is to get help from someone who knows about them, and therefore we can make the right decision when buying one. But, why should we go for an authentic watch and not an imitation?

The underlying element that makes the difference is the mechanism. It’s just like our brain, without which we wouldn’t even be able to run. The Swiss quality is widely known as the best mechanism in the world, hence, the most popular brands use this one. Of course, other elements can make a good watch distinctive, such as:

-The material of a watch. It should be of high-quality in order to not be affected by moisture, not to cause skin irritation and to maintain the color for a long time. If you prefer leather straps, you need to make sure that it’s genuine leather, because otherwise, your hands will suffer for a long long time.

-The watch glass. We all know that a glass that is easily scratched or broken will reduce the value of the watch.

-Resistance to water. It starts from 30m up to 100m resistance. We would suggest a watch that resists up to 50m depth because it includes hand washing and showering. More would really be a crime against any watch!

-The finish. It’s one of the most important parts of a good watch because it's responsible for the overall appearance. We’re not only looking for a good quality watch but for a pretty one, too. Therefore, we need to be attentive to the details, because, at the end of the day, those are the ones that make the difference.

An authentic watch takes care of your well-being, protects your hands and ensures that it will be your most faithful companion for many years to come. But most importantly, it will make sure that you never regret the investment.

An authentic watch never disappoints!