Your wrist watch is affecting your health!!!

Your wrist watch is affecting your health!!!

- Yesterday I decided to buy a women's watch from a popular brand. As soon as I arrived home in the evening, I immediately decided to put it on, but just in 2 hours, I started feeling tremendous pain in my left wrist and my hand was throbbing so much, that I had to remove it in a hurry. The next morning I put it on again so that I could see if the problem was with me or with the watch, yet the pain started over. I even tried it on my right wrist, but the same thing happened. When I get to think of it, I've been using fitness watches for 4 years and have never had any problems. This watch was so expensive and as you can imagine I am very disappointed. - Evie.D

This is the statement of a client that has purchased a watch from a very famous watch brand and has been followed by many other people's comments who have accepted the same. We all like wearing hand watches because they're stylish and practical enough, but are we protected from the undesirable effects that a watch can have?

Scientists have recognized that if the watch is an imitation or if the material used in its creation is not of high quality, then the chances of it being harmful the moment it comes in contact with your wrist are very high. The wrist is a very delicate part of the hand and as such, any pressure that may be beyond normal causes pain. In the worst cases, it can swell, numb or even lose its function at all.

This is also the main reason why the vast majority of individuals who like hand watches, decide to wear only authentic ones. In order for the watch not to cause skin irritation, it must be of high-quality leather straps or Stainless Steel 315 metallic ones. A quality watch is designed to fit the wrist shape perfectly and comfortably, on the contrary, it's nothing more but a source of pain and waste of money.

Choosing a good quality watch means putting health first.

The choice is yours!